Data Centre and Workload Migration

Office or data centre migration always pose a huge challenge for many organisations. How to ensure minimal impact to mission critical software, arrange proper data backup/retrieval prior to and after the relocation, source extra swing equipment for the migration, these are the issues that many organisations have to deal with.

Spinnaker IT offers complete data centre migration solution to our customers. We have good relationships with hardware/software vendors and have experience in migrating thousands of servers for big financial institutions with minimal impact to their critical services.

Between our experienced consultants, we have managed thousands of servers of all hardware/software platforms supporting hundreds of services, design, built and evergreen the underlying infrastructure of some of the biggest and most complex environments in Hong Kong for many years; masterminded and executed the migration of the most complex Data Centre and services. This is a wealth of experience that we can share with potential clients. Do let us know your needs and we can ensure the success of your future business.